Thank You

Review from GazBob:
This song is a classic. The first verse is used as a sample in Eminem's song 'Stan'. But, this song is even better. It's a mellow chilled out tune that is just so brilliant. Another great song from Dido's debut album. Buy it now!

Review from a music fan:
Awesome, definitely the best track on a great album. We have all heard this single sampled on Eminem's excellent track 'Stan', but unlike you may expect this is not a song about haunting devotion as is portrayed there. Instead it is a wonderful track about the joy of being in love with someone special, and how that person can brighten up your day simply by being there. It is a truly uplifting song that will not disappoint. I have not really listened to the b-sides yet, but quite frankly this is good enough for you to not have to.