Review from Jammin:
'Stan' is an excellent song and it is made even more powerful because of Dido's voice. It makes the listener think that there are some very serious and controversial issues being expressed through the lyrics and that realisation makes the song almost scary, but the way that Eminem puts them into a rap, allows you to remember that it is just a song, but a very good song. 'Get you Mad', I do not like so much and 'My Name Is' I find quite annoying. Itís too repetitive. 'Stan' is definitely the best song on this album and when the video is played along side it, it makes it sound even more real, because you are actually watching what he is saying.

Review from Matthew Lloyd:
The song is cool. The Great Eminem and fantastic Dido make this song great. The video spooks you out especially at the end when you see Stan staring in the window! 1,000,000 out of 10.