Sand In My Shoes

Review from Alex Harrod from Torrington, Devon, England:
At last! Since the album was released in October last year, fans of Dido's second work, 'Life For Rent' have wanted 'Sand In My Shoes' to be released as a single. The amount of support this song had in 'best track on the album' polls and discussions was incredible and completely justified. And now, finally, after the last two single releases being two of the album's weaker choices ('Life For Rent' and 'Don't Leave Home'), our wish has been granted and this song can finally be introduced to those who did not buy her album. I have chosen not to say introduced to 'the general public' as most of the general public seem to already have the album! 'Sand In My Shoes' is brilliant; it's as simple as that. The lyrics, as usual, are a high point, a beautiful story of a working class girl returning from her seaside holiday after having fallen in love and realising how mundane life now is after the experiences of her getaway.
The sound effects at the beginning are clever (they imply the scene of a city, far away from sun), the introduction of acoustic guitar is lovely and it is the closest Dido comes to a dance track on the album. Full of energy, yet still beautiful, sounds like Dido herself.
Unfortunately, seeing as the album has now sold 12 million+ copies around the globe, it is unlikely that 'Sand In My Shoes' will fare well in the singles charts at all, especially as her last release 'Don't Leave Home' failed to reach the top 20. However, this is not important, getting this song widely known is what matters. Trust me, hear it and you'll agree.

Review from Pepe El Toro:
I was happy when I read Dido's confession about including the live acoustic of 'Life For Rent' on the CD single, but when I realised that were all those fantastic remixes, I couldn't believe it.
It's absolutely fantastic, they don't get over the original song, but they make the song look nicer and beautiful. Buy it, I mean it!