Life For Rent Life For Rent

Review from Crouteru from Southampton, England:
A fine tune from Dido's second album of the same name. It has thoughtful lyrics and Dido's voice adds that edge to the song that makes it a classic. It only reached number 8 in the UK charts, but that is because so many people have already bought the album, which I highly recommend.

Review from Lagowski4 from Ontario, Canada:
I admit that I love Dido and practically anything she releases. 'Life For Rent' like 'White Flag' is a strong, and classic Dido song. For me, her style never gets old. But, there are a few better choices that Miss Armstrong could have made for the second single. 'Don't Leave Home' and 'Sand In My Shoes' are, I feel, better candidates for singles. The reason I say this is probably because I listen to these tracks more often than 'Life For Rent.' Still, this single is wonderful and will do well regardless of the fact that it's not one of the best songs on he album.