Here With Me

Review from Jo:
This song is amazing, and it deserves so much credit. I first heard it on her album (which also rocks!) and have loved it ever since. The lyrics are amazing, the tune is beautiful, all in all it's pukka! My advice is buy the single and the album!

Review from Halibut:
Dido got her name by featuring on the Eminem track 'Stan' which was a UK No. 1 Success. The sample for that song was taken from the 6th Track on Dido's album 'No Angel', that particular track was called 'Thank You'. The album itself is a masterpiece but this track especially stands out from the rest as being more enchanting and almost eerie. The song 'Here with Me' is the theme tune to a popular teenage alien high school show, 'Roswell' which has been doing well recently. The song has a basic story about girl who cannot survive without her partner. OK I can tell that you are dying for a quote from the song so "I won't go, I won't sleep, I can't breathe, until you're resting here with me / I won't leave, I can't hide, I cannot be, until you're resting here with me". It is a beautiful and almost inspirational song. It is the 1st track on the album and it is a wonderful first solo single for the English singer. Dido didn't do well in the UK and so she went to America where she is now a complete success, now that she has completed her quest in America she will become famous in Britain, finally. Dido isn't just a pretty face and voice she played the keyboard on two of the album tracks and the recorder on one. In the video of 'Here With Me' she even looks amazing. I say that Dido should rub her fame in the faces of the British people who didn't accept her first time.