Don't Leave Home

Review from Ben from Geneva, Switzerland:
'Don't Leave Home' is a song Dido wrote about drug addiction. When interviewed, she admitted that some friends of hers had suffered at the hands of drug use. This song seems like a normal, very beautiful ballad when taken at face value ("Cause if you're cold I'll keep you warm/And if you're low just hold on/Cause I will be your safety/Oh, don't leave home"), but was written from the point of view of an addictive drug.
This is one of the best songs on Dido's marvellous second album 'Life For Rent'. It catches your attention straight away, and for those of you who were disappointed with the single 'Life For Rent', this brings the standard right back up to 'White Flag' level. It's currently starting to play on the radio and the video (recently filmed in South Africa) is out now too.
The edition announced at this time is a 2 track CD, the second being a Deep Dish remix of 'Stoned'. This would be all very well if we hadn't already had so many 'Stoned' remixes on the 'Life For Rent' single.
This song should be an instant success, it is beautiful.