29th APRIL 2001

Dido Live Dido Live Dido Live

Review from Vincent Nicolai:
After 1Ĺ hour drive we were in Tilburg. We had 15 minutes before the show started, so we were right on time. The place wasn't very crowded yet, so there was enough space in front of the stage. We were very close to the stage and could see her very well. Jude was the support act, he played for about 25 minutes. After a 30 minute break her band entered the stage and started playing the intro. After the intro Dido entered the stage and started singing 'My Lovers Gone'. She was looking very good and despite her sore (?) throat her voice was very good. I don't know the whole setlist, but I don't think itís very different from other lists. She played all her songs, except for 'Take My Hand'. She played two new songs 'See The Sun' and 'Don't Leave Home'. Her band was also playing very well. She told us she was sick all day, but she couldn't get any sleep because there were festivals all over Tilburg because it was the night before Queensday. I have been to Dido when she was playing in the Melkweg (3rd February 2001) and that concert was very cool too. The sound was very good, Dido was singing well and her band was playing very well. I had a great time.