19th MAY 2004

Dido Live Dido Live Dido Live

Review from Nicholas Manning:
Dido talks and dances and can actually perform onstage. The British pop singers concert on Wednesday night at the Paramount in Seattle, Washington was in stark contrast to her key arena show three years ago when she was not ready to appear before an audience.
Backed by a first rate five piece band and surrounded by a flashy but not overbearing lighting scheme the singer took the stage at 9pm. Opening her concert with the song 'Stoned' with much applause and screaming (myself included). She was dressed in a white blouse and jeans, her streaked blond hair was cut to shoulder length and she looked fabulous. After 'Stoned' she did 'Here With Me' followed by 'Isobel'.
Her newer songs are clearly better live than on the CD my personal favourites were, 'See You When You're 40' which she describes as the nastiest song Iíve ever written. After that song she talked to the audience a little and told us we might want to get out of our seats for the next one 'Hunter' from her 'No Angel' CD. After 'Hunter' she played 'Mary's In India' which she said if the song was true would make her a complete bitch, a song about seducing her best friends boyfriend but insisted she and Mary remain best friends. Next came the highlight of the night for me when she performed 'Take My Hand'. I was ecstatic as it is my favourite song off of the 'No Angel' CD. The place was dancing and clapping to the music. My night was complete after that ahhh, but there was more she then went on to perform 'Don't Leave Home' which she said most people think of as a love song when it is actually a song about addiction. Next was 'Sand In My Shoes' a song about being on holiday. After 'Sand In My Shoes' she did 'Don't Think Of Me' followed by 'Thank You'. After 'Thank You' she performed the title track off her sophomore effort 'Life For Rent', after that song she exited the stage and came back for her four-song encore. When she returned to the stage she performed 'Do You Have A Little Time' followed by 'Honestly OK'. She then went on to do 'Who Make's You Feel' and to wrap things up she took us home with 'White Flag'. The entire evening was absolutely fantastic and I simply cannot wait for her to go on tour again.