14th SEPTEMBER 2003

Dido Live Dido Live Dido Live

Review from Ruth:
OMG I got tickets!!! Ha ha, lol, was in line at Cardiff at like 1.00am. Anyway, now there's the little matter of the actual event!!!
So, I went with seven other people, we got quite near the front, but then one of my friends fainted and a big path to the front cleared for her. As caring friends we followed her to the barrier where she was lifted over into first aid, which left us right at the front. One of my friends was literally front, centre on the bar!!! I'd never thought I'd get so close because I couldn't get there that early, so I had nothing to throw on stage, then I remembered, I was wearing my 'No Angel' knickers and socks!!! So I took my socks off, which have a picture of an angel on and just say 'No Angel' and wrote on them - "I Love U Dido! Ruth xx" I wrote on both in case one missed the stage and put them over the end of an empty bottle so that it was bigger and she's see the writing straight away. So, the time comes, she's introduced and I get up on to my friends shoulders, but the security people tell me to get down 'cause we're too near to the front. At that I jumped down and launched myself into the place where my friend was, front centre!!! She was obviously pulling me there and then she stood behind me. I didn't see Dido come on stage, I just looked up and there she was. Which for me was pretty much like, f***!!! She was just there in front of me!!! Dido!!! So I'm freaking out. She starts playing 'White Flag' and I just, OMG, just burst into tears! It was so OMG!!! She was there metres away from me singing!!! She saw me crying my eyes out and was looking at me and smiling!!! At the end of the song I threw the sock on stage, she picked it up and said (if you listened to the radio, then you can hear this) "Oh a sock, most people get knickers, but I get a sock!" She put it on the floor, then my sister (lol) had a go at her, no she was just shouting to her, "Look at it!!! Keep it for ever!!! It's from Ruth!!!" and like the rest of my friends were all shouting stuff like "Ruth!!! It's from Ruth!!!" Then I shouted "I love you Dido!!!" and kind of put my arms out and she looked over, like, she knew it was from me. I think she knew before they all shouted anyway. Then Dido said, "I will, I'll look at it I promise!" Then she did 'Thank You', 'Life For Rent (OMG, I love it so much!!!) then 'Here With Me'. When she went off stage she took the sock with her!!! I saw her looking at it off stage and she showed it to Jo Whiley! She looked at me loads, and smiled at me too!!! And she knows my name!!! OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOGMOMGOMGOMGOMG!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! ME!!! After everything it happened!!! It finally happened!!! I always knew I'd get to see her that close some day, didn't I always say? I'll talk to her one day too, I know it, I have to. Afterwards I was just shaking and rocking and texting everyone. I had to tell everyone anyway.