10th NOVEMBER 2004

Dido Live Dido Live Dido Live

Review from David Lal:
Woooahhh!!! This was one of the best gigs I've seen in ages!! Not since U2 and Pearl Jam. But Dido totally kicked ass!!!!! She rocked the near sell out venue at the Sydney Entertainment Centre last night. What can I say, the show was mesmerizing, hypnotic, overwhelming, majestic, unforgettable, bloody awesome!!!! An experience that is truly amazing. I was lucky to get close to the front stage (general admission) and see this amazing Angel perform with her awesome band. The set list was similar to the Manchester, England gig on 14th August. Opening with 'Stoned' and ending with 'See The Sun'. Overall what a great performance of all the songs. And I must say the live versions of the songs are awesome!! They've improvised to make the live performance heaps, heaps better! And Dido, she is just magical up there, I'm speechless. The whole Sydney crowd were taken on a magical, musical journey with her beauty and angelic voice. And I might add she can really rock and roll with that guitar!! woooohoooo!! The rest of the band were also bloody amazing. Keith on bass jumping around the stage, Alex on drums never missed a beat, John on keyboards awesome sounds, Jody on Percussion totally amazing! she must really get a workout from what she does, and finally Vini on lead guitar just brilliant!!
The only thing that sucked about the night was I didn't take my digital camera with me!!! And that's just it. Hopefully Dido will tour again in the near future and we all look forward to more albums and wonderful music from her and the band. Thanks for coming to Australia Dido. We love ya down here. Hopefully a DVD of the tour will be released.