4th JULY 2001

Dido Live Dido Live Dido Live

Review from Bryana:
Just thought I would send this out ... the Toronto show was AMAZING.
The set list is as follows:

My Lover's Gone (this was after a HUGE intro thing)
All You Want
Here With Me
My Life
Honestly OK
No Angel
See The Sun
Take My Hand
Thank You
Do You Have A Little Time
Don't Think Of Me

People started leaving after 'Hunter' but because of this list I just knew there'd be an encore so I made my friend sit and wait ... she came out within a minute or two. The only thing that disappointed me about the encore was that she didn't do 'Don't Leave Home' which she sang in other cities.
The show was really honestly brilliant ... her voice was gorgeous, she really got an atmosphere going. It was my first time seeing her live (definitely NOT my last). 'Here With Me' was just breathtaking because it brought back a lot of memories for me ... (1) the first time I heard her a year and a bit ago when I gave her a try after hearing about her from the Fumblers (Sarah McLachlan fan list), no one knew her then, but WHAT a discovery she was (2) the first time I saw an episode of Roswell. 'See The Sun' was great too ... even though I've listened to that song a million times on mp3, I felt like I was hearing it for the first time. 'Take My Hand' was one of the highlights of the evening ... I'm glad she decided to perform it because it was really breathtaking. I really enjoyed 'Do You Have A Little Time' because I hadn't heard it before last night. Overall EVERY song was amazing and sitting there in the cold was worthwhile.
And I got a baby blue Dido bucket hat ... $30 Canadian! Bleh. It's nice though ... and my friend grabbed me 10 of those Dido postcard/fan club promotion things. Oh yeah, and I got my sister a 'No Angel' bracelet.
Anyway, I'll stop rambling. Have a great day.