No Angel

Review from Franz:
Dido is comparable to Sarah McLachlan, but her vocals appear to be more powerful and stirring. She is in a class by herself. I could hit repeat on this album at least three times a day and not get bored. If you like Sade's 'Lovers Rock', or Enya's 'A Day Without Rain', then don't waste any more time reading this review. This album will be the Crown Jewel of your collection. Don't care much for Eminem, but he did me a big favour when I heard 'Stan', and I decided I had to find the girl who sings in that song.

Review from Secret Land:
What can I say about Didoís album! The first time that I heard about Dido was in 1998 from the OST of 'Sliding Doors'. I bought the OST. The song 'Thank You' is one of the best on the OST. I bought the album 'No Angel' in January 2000. I can't believe that the rest of the world just now discovered her. Didoís voice reminds me of the melancholy of Dubstar`s singer Sarah Blackwood. The songs are perfect melancholy with beautiful strings and acoustic guitars. Lyrics with a bittersweet taste. I recommended this album. It's the best album since 1999 for me. Welcome to our world Dido!

Review from Andy:
I bought 'No Angel' as a present for my wife, not expecting to like it. What I found was a collection of surprisingly complex, slow burn songs sung in a haunting voice (perhaps somewhere midway between Sam Brown and Sinead O'Connor and someone else - can't quite place the breathy element in her voice.) Some of the songs are totally riveting, especially 'Donít Think Of Me', but they share an intriguing, almost eerie quality. You recognise great music when the hairs on the back of your neck stand up!