Life For Rent

Review from Jo:
I am getting sick and tired of people complaining that "it is not as good as 'No Angel'", it is as good, or better. Dido's voice is tremendous, the songs are honest in their content, and the lyrics intelligent and searching. The songs as songs, that is as melodies and arrangements are incredible. Who can listen to 'Don't Leave Home' without a shiver down the spine? 'Mary's In India', what a final two lines!!!! Look, I could go on, track after track, wonderful. By all means go get 'No Angel', but while you are there in the shop, get 'Life For Rent' also. Tell them Jo sent you.

Review from Freddy_krueger666:
I found this album fantastic. Having never purchased her first album 'No Angel' I was unsure of what the album would include, but after listening to this album I feel the need to buy the first, and every other she releases! Dido is a talented artist, not to mention gorgeous. And to those who merely gave one star because of the CDs format, I believe it is the music we are supposed to comment on, not the hardware.

Review from Djching:
With such a remarkable debut album, Dido would have indubitably had a hard time trying to match the greatness, let alone bettering it. Now that I've listened to her new songs, after much anticipation from the knowledge of her recording a new album back in autumn 2002, I found myself perplexed on what to make of it. My first impression was based on the opening track, 'White Flag', which I found appreciably pleasing. However, I couldn't help but be chagrined when I nostalgically reminisced my joy of listening to 'No Angel' for the first time. Suffice it to say though it is a very good album, offering much of what 'No Angel' did. However, the CD is released with a very questionable piracy protection system. This inevitably leaves it unplayable in high-end systems and most certainly reduces the quality of the recording somewhat. 7/10.

Review from A Music Fan:
It's perhaps unfair to review this album after only one listen, but I'm going to anyway. I was disappointed with 'White Flag', which I thought sounded like something off 'No Angel' except more lame. My hope was that the single was not representative of the album. It turns out that the single is the best thing on the album. Gone is the diversity, gone is the sparkle and subtle edginess of 'No Angel' what we're left with is the voice, and tunes that are just a little more monotonous than on her previous album. I warmed to 'No Angel' after just one play, but 'Life For Rent' has left me feeling cold thus far. 'No Angel' was a hard act to follow, even the hardiest acts can suffer from second album syndrome and Dido is not immune. Die-hard fans only, no really.