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25th December 2006 - Happy Birthday Dido!

All Dido and all the many fans online wish Dido a very warm and happy 35th birthday!

25th December 2006 - Merry Christmas!

All Dido would like to wish everybody around the world a very merry Christmas.

16th December 2006 - New Album Update

Dido says the music will be different on her new album. She said, "I'm very, very pleased with how it's shaping up so far. I hope you like it too. I love it!"

3rd December 2006 - UK Chart

'To All New Arrivals' by Faithless which features Dido on the track 'Last This Day' entered the album chart at number 30.

3rd December 2006 - New Album Update

You can now pre-order Dido's new album, which has a tentative release date of Monday 5th March 2007, but you can expect that to perhaps slip a few weeks as Sony jostle their schedule around. Pre-order Dido's new album: UK CD.

27th November 2006 - Out Today

Don't forget that 'To All New Arrivals' the new album from Faithless is released in the UK today. 'To All New Arrivals' features Dido on the track 'Last This Day', the track is also co-written by Dido. Buy 'To All New Arrivals': UK CD.
Also released in the UK today is 'Tha Blue Carpet Treatment' the new album from Snoop Dogg. 'Tha Blue Carpet Treatment' features a track called 'Round Here', which is built around a sample from 'Thank You' (as selected by Dr Dre). Just a warning though, the album does have explicit lyrics. Buy 'Tha Blue Carpet Treatment': UK CD.

18th November 2006 - Celebrity Girls Names

Research released by the leading UK-based family history website, has discovered that more and more of us are naming our children after our heroes from the worlds of music, showbiz and sport. Dido is the 7th most popular celebrity name that British parents most often pick for their girls. Kylie is the most popular 'musical' name for girls.
For more information and to check out how many people share your name visit

28th October 2006 - Faithless' New Arrivals

Dido guests on the new Faithless album 'To All New Arrivals' on the track 'Last This Day'. She has featured on all of Faithless' album to date. 'To All New Arrivals' is released on Monday 27th November 2006 and is preceded by their new single 'Bombs' which is released one week earlier on Monday 20th November 2006. Pre-order 'To All New Arrivals': UK CD.

27th October 2006 - New Album Update

HMV have a release date for Dido's new album, Monday 5th March 2007. Sony have said that we might expect a brand new Dido single in February 2007, with the album not far behind. 5th March 2007 is a tentative date for the album, but you can expect that to perhaps slip a few weeks as Sony jostle their schedule around.

20th October 2006 - A New Single Format

There is a ground breaking new format for a single release, the USB Memory Stick. The USB Memory Stick, which can be plugged into PCs and MP3 players will be presented in standard-sized CD packaging, with the memory stick shrink-wrapped to the sleeve artwork, so it will be easy to merchandise in-store and will retail for £3.99.
Keane are the first to try out the new format with a limited edition of 1,500 of their new single 'Nothing In My Way' which will be available solely through HMV stores around the UK. Gary Rolfe, HMV Head of Music comments, "HMV has always helped to pioneer the development of new formats, so we're delighted to support this groundbreaking initiative from Keane and Island Records by being the first retailer to stock such a release. It fits perfectly with our stated aim of giving fans the widest possible access to music and entertainment products across all platforms, however and whenever they wish to buy them - in-store, online and digitally. The beauty of this product is that it brings all these different elements together, further underlining our credentials as a multi-channel specialist." Jon Turner, General Manager of Island Records adds, "I'm delighted that Island Records are leading the way in embracing groundbreaking and innovative ways to deliver music to the consumer. The Kingmax SuperStick introduces a new dynamic to the format business and could well become a standard music carrier in the future. We wanted to offer the fans something unique, and this format gives the user a whole host of benefits, ranging from the obvious in terms of content delivery, to the fact that it can be re-used as a content holder. It's the ultimate in added value."
Will Dido use this new format for her new single next year?

7th October 2006 - New Faithless Album

Faithless are releasing a new studio album on Monday 27th November 2006, 'To All New Arrivals'. It's not yet known if Dido features on the album. Dido has featured on all of Faithless' studio albums to date the last one being 'No Roots' in 2004 where she featured on the title track.

9th September 2006 - Duets

After dueting with Youssou N'Dour on '7 Seconds' at Live 8 last year, Dido says, "Citizen Cope and Ray Lamontagne, would be two I'd love to sing with."

19th August 2006 - Dido Views On Top Of The Pops Ending

When asked what she thought about the end of 'Top Of The Pops' Dido replied, "It is a real pity. I loved it when I was younger. It's probably happened because we can access so much music and performances etc. via the internet in a much more immediate way. That's not a bad thing in my eyes, though. I think the more music is heard around the world the better. However it gets there."

5th August 2006 - Worthless Gets UK Release

Dido's rare track 'Worthless' previously only available on a few overseas releases has had an official UK release as part of a Faithless 3-CD DJ box set containing 51 tracks. 'Renaissance' was released on Monday 10th July 2006. 'Worthless' appears on Disc One - Studio. Buy 'Renaissance': UK CD. The full track listing is as follows:

Disc One - Studio:
Salva Mea Faithless
I Feel Love - Rollo & Sister Bliss Monster Remix Donna Summer
Dreamer - Rollo & Sister Bliss Remix Livin' Joy
Woozy - Edited Faithless
Crazy English Summer - Brothers On A High Mix Faithless
For Real - Rollo & Sister Bliss Remix Tricky
Blissy's Groove Faithless
Miss You Less - Pete Heller Remix Faithless
Reasons - Gold Run Remix Faithless
Addictive (From Cruel Intentions Soundtrack) Faithless
Higher - Rollo & Sister Bliss Remix Black Grape
My Culture 1 Giant Leap Featuring Maxi Jazz & Robbie Williams
7 Days And 1 Week - Rollo & Sister Bliss Remix BBE
Worthless Dido
Don't You Want Me Maxene Cyrin (Felix)

Disc Two - Club:
Running Up That Hill Re-Touch
Soul Power - Mike Monday Avec Piano Mix Mark Flash
White Horse Wonderland Avenue
Popper - Shinici Osawa Distortion Disco Edit Christopher & Raphael Just
Carnival Part 1 - Hardsoul's Future Latino Mix Silver 66
The Game - Voodoo Dub Kid Crème
She's Dancing Trulz & Robin Featuring Baseman
Hundred Million Light Years Kato
Change Works Oxia
Dreams - Axwell Remix Deep Dish Featuring Stevie Nicks
Seven Hours D-Nox
Body Resonance Pasta Boys
Cold Drink Hot Girl Jody Wisternoff
Live On The Mainstage - Loudeast Remix IB
Walk A Mile - Tiga Mix Coldcut Featuring Robert Owens
Kinetic - Dub Audiofly Featuring Priscilla
Breakfast Balazko
Ha Pardon - DJ Tarkan Remix DJ Tarkan
Give Me Love - Lutzenkirchen Remix Coburn

Disc Three - Home:
The Take Over L.S.K
F.E.A.R Ian Brown
Wood Beez (Pray Like Aretha Franklin) Scritti Politti
Private Life Drama Grace Jones
Petrol Ward 21
Money Money Horace Andy
Worries In The Dance Frankie Paul
Straight Out The Jungle Jungle Brothers
Woman To Woman Joe Cocker
Grab The Mic Kool DJ Maxi Jazz
Children Of The Ghetto The Real Thing
Next Type Of Motion Roots Manuva
Go Down Easy John Martyn
Twuneanunda Dwele
Summertime Jason Rebello Featuring Maxi Jazz
Time After Time Casandra Wilson
Remember Me Todd Rundgren

26th July 2006 - Another Album Update From Dido

Here is another progress report from Dido herself in LA:

"I think realistically it'll be next year now. I'm full steam ahead now, though. I've got tons of stuff I'm really proud of written and I'm in the studio every day here in LA (there's not much else to do...) recording. I'm actually dying to get stuff out there and play people things but because I'm doing things a little differently this time I don't want to rush it. The process is a lot of fun this time, I'm experimenting a lot with different instruments and ways of making sounds etc... and really pushing myself into different directions as far as writing and recording (some of them work, some of them don't...) but I know that soon I'm going to want to get OUT of the studio and back on the road performing. I can feel the frustration of not doing shows already creeping up."
Keep checking back for more updates as the new album begins to take shape.

11th July 2006 - Album Update From Dido

Lots of you have be asking about Dido's third album. Here is a progress report from Dido herself in LA:

"Well, we have started recording the new record," Dido said. "And, so far, it all seems to be coming together really well. I've been in the studio with a brilliant producer/songwriter called Jon Brion, who's worked with people like Aimee Mann, Kanye West and Fiona Apple. We're still very much in the early stages, but it feels great to be back in the studio and we're hoping we'll have the album finished in time for release next year."
Keep checking back for more updates as the new album begins to take shape.

1st July 2006 - Album News

Dido has drafted producer/songwriter Jon Brion (known for his work with Kanye West and Beck) to assist with her third studio album. "We've written a bunch of stuff together, and we've been recording," Brion told 'Billboard'. "I don't think people who know either of us would think it's the thing to do, and yet it's making total sense." Brion says Dido is moving away from the mainstream pop/rock of her first two releases. "She wants something less glossy and further left," Brion reveals. "I think people have disregarded the emotional aspects of her writing, because the way the records have been presented make the music seem a little flat. But in terms of her singing, she's just an absolutely unbelievable, naturally great singer, in truth one of the greatest I've ever worked with. There's a certain kind of restraint in record making that she doesn't want anymore. That's good. That's a recipe for finding new things." Drummer Matt Chamberlain has also participated in recent recording sessions in Los Angeles.

16th June 2006 - Biggest Selling Debut Album

This week trade journal magazine 'Music Week' published it's list of all time biggest selling debut albums in the UK, with Dido's 'No Angel' (2000) at the top of the pile now having sold 2.99 million copies. Second in the list is 'Spice' (1996) by the Spice Girls which has sold 2.91 million copies, 'Kylie' (1988) by Kylie Minogue is 13th having sold 2.11 million copies and 'Life Thru A Lens' (1997) by Robbie Williams is 14th having sold 2.07 million copies. 'No Angel' will shortly be the first debut album to pass 3 million, which on current sales (about 300 a week) should happen in around 3 months. 'Life For Rent' meanwhile is still the biggest selling album of the century.

10th June 2006 - Possible Album News

HMV and 'Record Collector' magazine have a release date for Dido's new album, 13th October 2006. However this date falls on a Friday, yes Friday 13th and it does say to be confirmed.

3rd June 2006 - One In A Million

All Dido had it's one millionth hit today in just over 5 years. Thanks for visting my website and keep up to date by regularly checking back here.

2nd June 2006 - Dido's Favorite Song

Dido's favorite song of her own is 'White Flag'. She says, "That's a tough one. One of my favourite songs to do live is 'See You When You're 40'. But probably my favourite song that I've made is 'White Flag'. I was pretty upset when we were recording it as it was all very fresh in my head and I wrote and recorded it in the time I was feeling it (if you know what I mean!). I love that that translated onto the record and it still moves me now."

1st June 2006 - Dusted

Last week I bought the album 'Safe From Harm' by Dusted. Dusted is the solo project of Dido's brother, Rollo (from Faithless) and former Faithless keyboard player Mark Bates. The album was originally released under the title 'When We Were Young' in 2000 but it was re-released in 2005 having been completely re-worked, everything was re-recorded, note-by-note making it sound bigger and better. I didn't relise how much contribution Dido had made to the album. She co-wrote 'Always Remember To Respect & Honour Your Mother (Part 1)' and 'Biggest Fool In The World', she features on 'Time Takes Time' and 'Hurt U' and she co-wrote and features on 'Winter'. I enjoyed listening to this album and I love the tracks in which Dido features. Buy 'Safe From Harm': UK CD.

22nd May 2006 - Dido's Champions League Final Report

Hello! So, on Wednesday, I went to Paris for the Champions League final between Arsenal and Barcelona. It was quite an historic match - Arsenal's first appearance in the biggest final in club football - and I thought we had a really good chance of winning it. After we beat Villareal in the semi-final, I decided that I'd try and get tickets. I didn't fly back especially from LA (where I've been recording some songs), but I did time a trip to London so that it would coincide if we made it to the final.
For a while, it looked like I wasn't going to be able to get a ticket to the match. I'm a season ticket holder at Arsenal, so I was allowed to apply for a ticket, but I was the only one of my group of Arsenal friends who missed out in the ballot. Luckily, the manager of Tony Hadley - who was singing in one of the hospitality suites - came up with a pair of tickets for me, which was really sweet of him.
We had to get up at 5am on Wednesday morning to go to the airport to fly to Paris. The plane was quite badly delayed - I think we sat on the tarmac for about two and a half hours - but we still made it to the stadium with plenty of time to soak up the atmosphere. That's when I took the pictures that are in the Gallery - you can see the team warming up behind me in one of them. The Stade de France is an amazing stadium and we had brilliant seats really near the pitch, so I was getting pretty over-excited by this time!
When the game started, it was all shaping up brilliantly. Henry nearly scored a goal and it was just really exciting to see two of the best teams in Europe playing against each other. Then, of course, Arsenal's goalkeeper, Jens Lehmann, got sent off. I've seen Arsenal play really well with ten men before, but it was just a real pity because it was looking set to be a great game of football. Once Arsenal had lost a man, they were always going to have to fight to stay in the game.
But I was still convinced that Arsenal were going to win. When we got a free-kick just outside Barcelona's area, I turned to someone next to me and said, "Sol's about to score with a header", which is exactly what he did. It was amazing. Against all the odds, Arsenal had gone 1-0 up. For the rest of the game I felt a mixture of excitement and stress. That's what you want from a football match - I love that feeling. You just think: I'm so happy to be here, but I think I'm gonna puke!
Arsenal played brilliantly, and they held on until the 75th minute of the game. I thought Barcelona were okay and Eto'o was superb, but Ronaldinho didn't look like the best player in the world. Arsenal, though, were just lovely to watch. Eboue and Toure both had great games and it looked like we were going to hold on. But then Barcelona scored two quick goals and I thought I was gonna cry. I managed to convince myself they could still win, but you could tell it signalled the end, really. But even though everyone was leaving the stadium cos there was torrential rain falling on us, I was like: no there's 3 minutes left, we can still do it! So, forever the optimist, I stayed until the bitter end and got completely soaked. But I didn't stay to watch Barcelona lift the cup.
So, then we had a seven-hour journey to get back to London (I think I finally got home at about 4.30am). It was a pretty subdued journey, but even though Arsenal lost, I'm very, very glad that I went. We played brilliantly and, even with ten men, we came so close to winning it. It was quite devastating that we lost, but it's left me thinking: the team's great, Thierry Henry is staying - which is wonderful news - Sol was back, Ashley was back and we're moving to a new stadium. So next season is shaping up really well for Arsenal. I can't wait!

13th May 2006 - Dido's Favorite Remix

Dido's favorite remix of her own songs is the 'Deep Dish Vocal' mix of 'Thank You'.

6th May 2006 - Dido For Eurovision

When a fan asked Dido, "Would you like to represent the United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest?" Dido replied, "Er, no."

22nd April 2006 - An Update

A lot of you have be asking about Dido's third album and her tour plans. Please note, though, that although Dido is currently in America writing songs, there are no finished recordings, no definite titles and no firm release dates. Also, there are currently no plans for Dido to tour. But as soon as any of those things are confirmed, you'll find out about it right here.

29th March 2006 - Happy Birthday All Dido!

All Dido is 5 years old today!

23rd March 2006 - Dido's Bests Of 2005 Part 2

Best view you saw in 2005?
There's been a few in the last year. The view as you get near Big Sur on the Pacific Coast Highway. The view from a mountain I was hiking on in a huge storm in Ireland, and the view of the house when we finally got back to it 5 hours later, after being lost. The view at sunrise in Mexico on another hiking trip. But the best views are the ones I've seen in LA recently. I had no idea it was so beautiful. If you go high up into the hills you can see ocean, snow capped mountains, the whole city. Just beautiful.

Best film you saw?
'Walk The Line' for pure feel good. And 'March Of The Penguins' because every time it got too upsetting another penguin would fall over. That's never not funny.

Best gig you went to?
Without a doubt, Antony And The Johnsons at the Hammersmith Apollo in London. It was the first time I'd felt pretty emotional at a live gig for a long time. It'll be on my list of best gigs for years to come!

Best book you read?
My brother's! The Dusted book, called 'Safe From Harm'. It doesn't take long and the pictures are great! But I actually can't remember what else I read last year off the top of my head. Right now I'm reading a book called 'The History Of Love' by Nicole Krauss, which I'm loving.

Best item of clothing?
Probably a pair of beige suede boots from Skechers of all things. They cost $50 and I wore them to death. In fact, I ended up having to buy all my friends a pair too. My other favourites were some boots from Chloe that were blue suede and black leather and I tried to wear with everything, even though I probably shouldn't have done. It's all about boots. And cake. Oh, that reminds me, I've got a new favourite meal. I went to a taco stand in Santa Barbara on my way back from Big Sur recently. It's called La Superica and it was just absolutely amazing. My favourite meal of 2006 so far!

16th March 2006 - Dido's Bests Of 2005 Part 1

Best album you bought?
Probably either the one by Ray LaMontagne, Citizen Cope or Antony And The Johnsons. Those are the three I listened to the most last year and they were my soundtrack while I was travelling. All three are completely different, but are defined by amazing voices, beautiful songs and music that moves me. That's all I ever want, to be moved in some way! Some of the lyrics on the Ray LaMontagne album are just amazing - check out 'Burn'. I love the whole vibe of the Citizen Cope record and have actually done some writing with him since because I loved it so much. I was also really enjoying the KT Tunstall album until I heard her slagging me off! I couldn't help going off it a bit after that! :-)

Best holiday you had?
It wasn't exactly a holiday but the best trip I took last year was to Ethiopia. It wasn't what I expected at all. I was expecting a much more arid and harsh place and it was just beautiful; a lot of fun, friendly, warm and lush. In fact, it was the best week I spent last year. We really wanted to go back earlier this year, but we couldn't because of the unrest that's going on there at the moment.

Best joke you heard?
Oh, I can never remember jokes! I'm totally crap. I get them wrong and screw up the punchlines. Sorry.

Best meal you ate?
I know it's not a meal (well, it could be) but the carrot cake I cooked in my first cooking lesson (yes, I've been learning to cook!) was bloody lovely! I also had a pumpkin pie made for me on Thanksgiving by my old DJ in the band, Pete Miser, which was the second best thing I tasted all year. I'm only really interested in cake.

15th March 2006 - Sad News For Now

The rumours about a new Dido single called 'Making The Most Out Of Life' and the rumours that Dido's third album will be released this summer are unfortunatly untrue. The truth is that although Dido is currently in America writing songs, there are no finished recordings, no definite titles and no firm release dates.

25th February 2006 - Possible Album Or Single News

Some forums have listed in their new release schedules a Dido release called 'Making The Most Out Of Life'. It doesn't say if it's an album or a single and it doesn't have a released date, it just says TBA and coming soon. However HMV have a Dido album with a to be confirmed release date of Monday 5th June 2006. We will just have to wait and see.

1st January 2006 - Happy New Year!

What will Dido be up to in 2006? Keep up to date by regularly checking back here.
All the best for 2006.